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Land is a precious asset to own because we cannot make more of it. It is limited in supply and its value always increases. By the middle of the 21st Century experts assume 100 million additional people will be living in the United States - all needing the same homes and land that exist today! "La...
Why Is Investing In Land A Good Idea? Think about this for a while. Have you heard of the cities that are growing so rapidly that they are called ‘Boom-burgs'? Have you recently considered the fact that the population of the United States grew over 13% from 1990 to 2000 and many other countries a...
You've seen TV infomercials promoting books and seminars promising real estate systems guaranteed to make millions e.g. "no money down"   These real estate "gurus" are actually marketing geniuses who are making money from SALES of books, DVDs and seminars. Most of them did not make their fortunes...
Leverage is very important. It means being able to buy property with a small down payment and owner financing. Leverage is desirable in contolling as much property as possible with little down and out of pocket. Contact White Hills Gold, LLC  we  provide you this power to own and control much pro...

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LEVERAGE.! OWC ......... Owner Will Carry LAND They aren't making any more. White Hills AZ 5 acres lots