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While most Realtors are familiar with Home Inspections, it is always good to communicate. We are essentially all trying to reach the same goal, and do it in a way that has the least amount of resistance.  You, I and the client all want the best Home Inspection completed as quickly as possible, an...
While we do not always mention it, while essential to life, water is the number one item that will destroy your home.  Most major items on a Home Inspection focus on water damage or preventing water intrusion.  When we break the Home Inspection down to what really matters, almost all major items ...
Well, it is a new year.  Time to begin new things.  Have read posts on ActiveRain in the past, however never actually posted one myself. Hopefully as I get into the swing of it, I will have many more and ones of interest.  If you have anything that you have interet in then by all means send an no...

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