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 The kitchen is where friends and families come together.  Plan your kitchen-remodeling project with the type of environment you are trying to create in mind.   The kitchen is where families come together. This is the one central area of the home that robust activity occurs with every family memb...
Home remodeling is not just a summer time business, home improvements continue year round. So whether you thinking about preparing for the winter season or thinking about a remodeling project to spruce up your home for the holidays, now is the time to start contacting a contractor. The top winter...
The first step to a successful basement makeover is proper planning.  Remodeling a basement is the easiest and most affordable way to add value and additional living space to you home.  Before starting a basement-remodeling project, decide what will be the planned usage for the completed room.  T...
Going green in your home is simple, whether you’re doing a home renovation project or looking for ways to reduce your energy costs. It is possible to go green in every room in your home went designing your home improvement project.  There are a number of ways that going green will not only help t...
Adequately sealing off your windows and doors from possible air leaks will reduce your heating costs.  Winterizing your home can be as simple as applying weather stripping to doors, which can save you about 10% in heating costs, or installing and upgrading doors and windows.  Evaluate your home t...
Take the time to research and qualify the right contractor to ease your stress and ensure and successful home improvement project. It is important to understand the steps necessary to find and hire the right contractor for any home improvement project.  As the owner of Westmoreland Contractor Ref...
Falling home values and a strong buyers market has many homeowners looking at home renovations instead of trying to sell. As the owner of Westmoreland Contractor Referral Service, homeowners are looking for the right home improvement project that will offer them a new look and feel of their home ...
Consumer confidence is close to the lowest it’s been since the late 80’s.  Home prices are dropping, foreclosures are rising, and fuel costs are high.  While the news can be depressing, the impact can benefit homeowners planning home improvements.  The housing slump is affecting home remodeling c...


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