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Feedback to Close the Sale As a listing agent we always ask the showing agents for feedback on their showing of one of our listings, hoping to close the sale.  Personally, I am only looking for more than one agent to mention something in their feedback that I can do something about - such as, may...
We all know there are 3 main things a seller needs to do before selling their home - decluttering, deep cleaning, and front landscaping.  The biggest mistake I see seller make, however, is waiting too late to decide to sell.  The first thing a seller needs to do is mentally prepare themselves to ...
As many cities in the United States strive to pull out of the recession, the real estate market in the Greater Baton Rouge area continues to thrive.  Although the 2009 statistics for the combined parishes of East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and Livingston show a decrease of 5.4% in the average sales ...
The Star Power annual real estate conference announcement was just made with event dates and location.  The conference is on July 26th through July 29th and being held in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (outside of Nashville) at the Embassy Suites Murfreesboro Hotel and Conference Center.  There is a hug...
I feel like I have been preaching for the past year and no one in the media has been listening!  Now, is just a week, we have had two POSITIVE articles reflecting what I have been saying - the economy in Baton Rouge is good and the Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate market is doing just fine!  Baton...
I was just in Phoenix at the CyberStar Summit and while there visited a fellow agent in Phoneix.  He took me around to see the two bank repos he had just purchased.  They originally sold a few years back for over $200,000 and he picked up each one for under $50,000. One required about $19,000 wor...
O.K.  The stock market is whacky, the mortgage industry is struggling, and there are lots of homes for sale!  What a great time to be in the real estate market!!!  With interest rates hovering around 5.5 %, the buying power today is so much stronger than it was just a few weeks ago!  We tell our ...
The greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana market posted a 3% gain for the first quarter of 2008!!  This news may be suprising to some, but to many Realtors working in this market, it was business as normal.  Baton Rouge has historically seen a steady growth, nothing off the charts except for the boost w...
I am continually asked, "Are the problems  lenders are experiencing with the sub prime loan market going to affect our real estate market in the Baton Rouge Area?"  The obvious answer is both YES and NO!  YES, in that people who were marginally qualified will not be able to get a  home loan easil...
While rest of the country is feeling the real estate slowdown, the market in the Greater Baton Rouge Area continues to thrive.  With record number of sales continuing there are price ranges that are so hot that homes don't last a week!  Even with that, however, we do have a regular market in cert...

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