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Almost as bad as the current political situation, the housing industry seems to be up in the air. The influencer Realtor class will tell you that prices are up and sales are up.. true but oddly spotty. In some markets the inventory is high but people are getting prices for their homes well over a...
     The real estate marketplace is becoming more competitive. While updated quality properties are being snapped up within days or even hours of being listed, the typical pre-owned home is listed for weeks, and even months before an offer is made.     The entire process is now based on only two ...
 As if the real estate industry was not getting more complex with all the new regulatory requirements and oversight, some of us will have to start really watching out for not only what we do but what some co-operating agents may do or not do. A recent newspaper article just proclaimed that the lo...
While technology has become an important part of our lives, some aspects of the new information access age is problematic. We were just asked to list a property that was involved a trust type situation. To eliminate any possible family issues downline,  we suggested that a professional appraisal ...
Sellers tend to go to some consumer listing site such as Zillow and pull up all active and recently sold homes in the  immediate area of their home for pricing comparisons. For undetermined reasons now days, an updated clean property is often priced nearly the same as the one that is dog eared a...
The real estate market is no longer impacted just by those who bit off more than they could chew when they bought their home a couple of years ago. Now almost everyone who purchased a home between 2004 and 2008 probably owes more on the house than it is worth. Many have lost their jobs and can't ...
As agents the only way we make money is how well we utilize our time. We are now learning that Short Sales require additional time to consummate often a lot of additional time. As a seller the documentation and decision time line will seem endless. You will be frustrated that you can't move forwa...
Today's real estate market has become a battle with Hydra the five headed dragon of ancient mythology. Government regulators, mortgage brokers, lender underwriters, asset managers and even listing agents present a snarling mass of potentially lethal decision makers. Any one of which can crush a s...

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