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  It is one of the most difficult skills in real estate to master, the skill of objection handling. Many sales professionals struggle terribly to know how and what to respond to with a customer and their defense. So, ask yourself, are you winning or is the customer?  I am always reminded that we ...
 What is the silent killer in real estate? If there is such a thing, would you want to know? If you knew, would you do something about it?Astronauts flying into space in a  rocket ship are basically in a bomb with a few people inside waiting to explode as a result of the smallest error.  Astronau...
   It has always intrigued me that regardless of market conditions, or geographic location, the vast majority of industry professionals remain confident about the real estate business. The “genetic optimism” has propelled our industry through up-and-down market cycles and continues to attract har...
   The spring market doesn’t begin in the spring. It begins now! What you do now to get a listing or buyer’s commitment is what you get in the spring. Think about the amount of time you invest into finding a listing or a bona fide buyer? Someone who wants to sell their home or wants to buy a home...
 The first quarter of 2018 has come and gone. The key to knowing how you are doing in business and life is to take time to reflect and see where you have been, where you are at and where you need to be heading. So let’s look at how to track and measure your real estate business for the first quar...
 The majority of markets in North America are experiencing unprecedented low inventory levels and the supply is just not meeting the demands of buyers. The spring is quickly coming upon us and the key to our success as agents is the inventory game and having that listing inventory going into the ...
   Before I was in real estate I was traveling all over the prairies for the summer as a college student selling encyclopedias door to door to pay for my music degree. Every day I would have to psyche ourselves up to start knocking on doors at 3pm until 10 pm and try finding someone who wanted to...
   We are now coming into the time of year where we all really want to build our listing inventory up for when our spring markets begin to hit. One of the simplest and most powerful strategies I use to eliminate my competition and to get the inside track on a listing appointment is to use a pre l...
   Do you feel you never have enough time at the end of your day? Never enough money at the end of the month? We all have certain habits we need to quit to start increasing our own personal and professional success. Here are some of the top habits that always seem to hinder one’s success. 1. Sayi...
 A good friend of mine recently spoke to our brokerage and really brought home how anyone could go into any market place and dominate within a certain period of time. The amazing fact that 52% of all internet and online traffic is completely related to social media now and if you think social med...

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