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We’ve all heard many excuseswhy home owners/buyers want to wait till spring to make a move in real estate.The fact of the matter is, the excuses are endless so it’s our job as REALTORS® to be equipped with facts and a strong reality check to combat these reasons we hear everyday.To help you throu...
Our emphasis on lead generation for real estate agents the last decade has really created an epidemic for the industry. We can just buy leads now and make it rain if we want, so having the skills and the ability to convert the lead to an appointment isn’t that important any more because we just b...
One of the most important skills of sales in real estate is “The Close” It is about the actions you take to gain the agreement of the sale. My favorite line as a real estate coach has always been the line “they couldn’t close a jar of mayonnaise.”There are many different closing techniques in sal...
For more than two decades I have really underestimated the importance of having an actual plan for agents and their sales and marketing. I was always trying one thing or another to generate leads for my business with no actual plan or focus.How many agents actually have a formal, written, systemi...
N.A.R. released in June 2015 their recent agent demographic statistic report and the average agent in North America is 57 years old in a member population of just over 1.2 million agents in the U.S. and Canada. I am sitting here thinking what will the 62 year old real estate professional be doin...
Many real estate agents, business owners and companies have less and less face to face interaction with their clients and telephoneconversations have declined as well because of the Internet and online marketing and sales. We are also seeing more time, effort and spending money on marketing to e...
My kids and I are huge Marvel fans so I thought I would dedicate this week’s post to what I call my Fantastic Four for real estate. Now let’s hope this content doesn’t bomb like the last movie did this summer! I was coaching an agent this past week who’s stress and frustration was just mounting ...
Resilient buyer agents can almost always find homes for their buyers even in market areas where the listing inventory is as scarce as the Arizona water supply. Agents are wise to hone their skills because the housing inventory shortage will continue to hamper many market areas for a few more yea...
Summer 2015 is quickly coming to an end, can you believe we are back to school and back to fall work season once again? It seems like it flew by so fast! Are you like me and tired of never really taking a vacation from real estate or more importantly, is your family and friends tired of going on...
Dale Carnegie said “The world’s greatest conversationalist was someone who said little or nothing.” I believe the greatest skill as a salesman is the skill to ask questions and being able to be still, quiet and just listen.One of the most difficult skills in sales, even for myself and for the sal...

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