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We are past the end of our spring market and have entered the summer market. Let me ask you this question. Do you have a listing that just isn’t selling? Or even worse, sellers are dominating the conversation because of what is happening in the media? This week I’ve got solutions for both of thos...
So what are the top traits of a top producing agent that do not require talent and set you apart from your competition you ask? Let’s take a look at these killer traits in no particular order. 1) Be On Time – My family actually tells me I am a bit obsessed about this trait. One of my biggest pet ...
Pokemon Go? Some of you are asking what the heck is that? Others are asking “Wade have you lost your flippin’ mind… what’s this have to do with the real estate biz”? Before you click somewhere else just hear me out… Pokémon Go is a craze that could provide agents some incredible value to those w...
I am always confused why so many real estate agents over the past few decades have the mindset of less commission versus more commission in any of their marketing strategies. Why do so many of us go into a listing just thinking a basic rate of fee for service instead of going in thinking of high...
You’ve heard it before in order to grow your real estate business you need to focus on those 20% of activities that produce 80% of your results. For example, following up with your past clients, cultivating new and existing referral partners, implementing marketing systems that work while you’re...
Over the past two decades I have seen the importance and huge impact on agents businesses from having systems and processes. One of my all time favourite books “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber is a fantastic read about the secret to small business success from the implementation and execu...
My fourteen year old daughter Goldie and I are having a daddy – daughter date night out at a restaurant and I ask her during our date to give her dad a quick lesson on how to use Snapchat and how does it all work. So she grabs my phone and sets up my account and gets me started with my Snapchat a...
 What happens to your real estate    business when you take time off? Does the momentum stop? Does your business income slow quickly? What happens to your business when you are busy getting new listings up and running and implementing all the marketing strategies? What happens to your business m...
In a world filled with instant access to information, smart phones, computers, emails, texts, coworkers and friends, finishing a solid eight hours of uninterrupted work seems nearly impossible in the world of real estate. Avoiding these distractions, however, is not a Herculean task. Just like ge...
    Are you a REALTOR in a market with low or no listing inventory? Are you finding sellers are resistant to listing their home in fear it will sell quickly and they will have no-where to go? Do you hear that sellers can’t find what they are looking for because the selection is so low but they ca...

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