1. Price  Accurately pricing your home is more important now than ever before.  Gone are the days of “let’s try it at this price and see what happens”.  If your home is not accurately priced when it first hits the market it will be overlooked by agents and buyers.  With the large inventory of new...
The media has reported that the housing market is rebounding, right?  Activity is up, sales are up, inventory is shrinking and prices are on the rise.  Not so fast!  As a Broker that focuses on the luxury home market I can tell you we have a ways to go.  While closed sales overall are up about 10...
For some reason consumers like to think that because a home is considered “distressed” or has the words short sale and foreclosure in the description it is a great “deal”.  I would encourage you to really think it through when considering a traditional sale versus a distressed home.  When you buy...
Every time you turn on the television or open a newspaper it's doom and gloom in the national real estate market.  But it's what's happening in your local market that really matters.  A year ago we were flooded with false expectations of a recovery due to the $8,000 first time home buyer tax cred...
For most people, hearing the words, "You're fired," can be discouraging. For me, it actually felt good-especially coming from an icon like Donald Trump. I had fought my way through hundreds of thousands "Apprentice wannabes," competed against some of the best and brightest business professionals ...
I recently sat down with life coach and author Ian Scott to discuss my experience on The Apprentice.  We talked about the task I was fired on, my journey getting selected as one of the contestants and I was able to share my principals for success.  It was a great interview! Click here to listen t...
Fired 'Apprentice' Wins as Real Estate AgentBy Sheree R Curry (AOL Dec 2nd 2010 When the first of the two-part finale of "The Apprentice" airs tonight, fired contestant Wade Hanson, a Twin Cities-area real estate agent, will be rooting for Brandy over Clint. "I think Brandy has b...
Is the worst behind us? Fortunately the luxury market has sustained the recession better than any other segment of the real estate economy.   However, I feel that the worst is yet to come - specifically in the second home market.  My theory is that many second homeowners never should have been in...
The boss belittled him on national television, calling his work "a total mess." And then he fired him. Wade Hanson frowned and lumbered out of the boardroom and into a taxi, yet another in a long line of "Apprentice" wannabes who had taken a figurative kick in the behind from Donald Trump. Was he...

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