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Home Inspection Jamaica: This is a newly built home in Queens, and both stories of this 2 family home have the exact same kitchen, and both were designed by the same person apparently.The designer did not consider the fact that if you are in front of the sink that you cannot open the dishwasher d...
Home Inspection Merrick NY: Is this a proper sister?Many people perform their own structural repairs, and some do it correctly, yet others do not.This is a perfect example of how not to ‘sister’ a floor joist. ‘Sistering’ means adding a support against the original damaged support, but the new lu...
Long Island home inspectors are plentiful. Just like real estate agents. But when you hire, or recommend, what are you getting?Hands-on experience, in my opinion, is the single biggest difference between inspection companies. I push this on my website, in my blogs, and when people call and their ...
Home Inspection East Elmhurst NY: This is a floor joist that was cut by someone who has now compromised a support for oil tank piping, and is another example of what people do to homes that they should not do.This will need repair, and is not an easy job due to lack of access, and the oil tank pi...
The little square piece of metal in the picture can save your life, but some ‘Bilco’ doors are missing them.This is a safety catch that is designed to shift into location if the wind blows the door closed, otherwise a 40 pound piece of steel lands on your head.So I check these at every inspection...
These are the front steps on a 2007 home in Shirley NY that I inspected yesterday, and although the home was in nice condition, I found the same thing I often find: steps of varying height, and these are a tripping hazard.And like I often find, there is nothing wrong with the steps themselves, it...
Does your insulation look like this? If so, time to replace it.Recently doing a home inspection in Smithtown I found the same thing I see often in older homes’ attics: crushed insulation.   Thermal value with this old stuff is almost like having nothing at all. Fiberglass insulation traps air whi...
Do you interview a contractor before you hire them? Maybe ask for their license number? Or photograph their vehicle with their license plate outside your house?When you hire a babysitter do you ask for references, and find out where she/he lives?Before you have surgery do you check ‘Healthgrades’...
Wheather its a home, co-op, condo, townhouse, or commercial building, have a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED inspector perform you inspection.In business since 2005, we performed thousands of home and building inspections throughout Nassau county, Suffolk county, as well as the five boroughs of new York City....
Many people on Long Island when they purchase a home don't consider drainage and grading. Continue reading on my website

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