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There is a small area in North Merrick on Long Island where a campground existed in the 1800's. In this area, there are still several very small houses that were part of the camp, and were administrative offices and counselor cabins. A few of these houses still exist (see photo), although many we...
Very often I see loose wiring connections in service panels in the homes I inspect. The screws that hold the wire in the breaker tend to loosen over the years due to expansion and contraction when voltage passes through the wire, The steel screw expands and contracts at a different rate (as all m...
I am constantly meeting younger people at the home inspections I perform, and many have little to no mechanical knowledge about ANYTHING! They cannot relate to basic maintenance, cannot read a tape measure, and cannot twist a screwdriver. If I had to call someone to fix a loose hinge on a cabinet...
I do my best to do as complete an inspection as possible, and to me that includes getting on the roof. Flashings, gutters, chimneys, vents for bathroom and dryer exhausts, and other protrusions are all places where you find problems. Sometimes this translates into a roof leak in the future. Many ...
I learned to speak Spanish well after getting out of school. In fact, school taught me very little with regards to language. My first job out of high school was as a machinist, and I worked 62.5 hours a week every week. I didn't dig the hours, but liked the paycheck with the heavy overtime. I wor...
Many people who live on Long Island, as I do, somehow seem to forget that they live on an island. The soil is very sandy, and moisture enters the home through the foundation in the form of water vapor. Of course foundation leaks and seepage problems from poor grading can also cause moisture issue...
If you need lead paint testing on Long Island, call Meticulous Home Inspection for an EPA certified lead based paint inspector. There are strict guidelines that an EPA certified inspector must adhere to, so if you lead lead paint testing done, choose the established lead paint inspection company ...
I attempted to perform an inspection in Mattituck, N.Y. yesterday, but didn't get very far. I started with the exterior and roof as usual, then walked the grounds to look for wells, sinkholes, etc,. Then it was time to enter the basement. The basement had flooded and there was 6 inches of water o...
On Long Island, there is a pervasive mentality amongst some (not all) real estate offices that you MUST use the inspector (or mortgage guy, or appraiser, or ...) that the broker tells you to use. This is quite far from the truth. Your broker CANNOT tell you to use a certain contractor - especiall...

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