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Price and Condition Pricing a house is one of the most important parts of the marketing process. You want to get as much for the property as you can, but if you set the price too high, you can turn away qualified buyers. Your real estate agent can tell you the selling price of homes comparable to...
If It Is Broken Fix It Most houses have a few "little" problems, like leaking faucets, a stove burner that won't light, or electrical outlets with too much "spark". These defects may not seem very important--unless your house is about to go on the market.We rarely have difficulty getting sellers ...
The City of Vancouver is looking to create a Alcohol Impact Area in the Downtown and Heights area. What is the Alcohol Impact Area Mean?  What it is specific area that will not be selling specific Malt Liquors and Fortified wines.  They are targeting cheap beer and wine that drunks and homeless t...
Here is a little somethings that agents and buyers may look for when working together.  It is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page.BUYER'S GUARANTEE When Jason Vombaur or Justin Pintler help you purchase a home, if you are not satisfied, they will sell it for FREE!!!When you purc...
I did a little research on where most people found the home that they bought.  1.  Realtor  -36%2. Internet- 24%3. Yard Signs- 15%4. Referrals- 7%5. Home Builders- 7%6. Advertising or Newspapers- 6%7. Knows the Seller- 3%8. Others- >1%These are very interesting numbers.  What is seems to show, is...
Many people don't think they need to get an inspection on a new home.  That can be a big mistake!  I have a great story to tell you that happened last week.  I was the listing agent on a brand new home.  I was a two story home that looked great and over $300,000.  A nice couple with a young son f...
I show a great movie, that is online, that everyone should watch.  It was recommended to a buddy of mine from his coach at Tony Robbins.  It seemed to be a small world because shortly I heard about it from 3 other people I trust.  I would highly recommend watching it, I bought it after watching i...
From what I have heard on January all Washington State residential loan originators will need to be licensed.  The expections to this rule are if they work for a bank.  If a unlicensed loan originator calls to do an appraisal they acting in an illegally act.   How this applies to WA Real Estate A...
I just finished a great book that two people recommended.  It is call The Automatic Millionaire Home Owner by David Bach.  This a something that every person should read.  The sooner you read it the better.  I would highly recommend giving this to anyone looking to buy a home or move into a new o...
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