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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.
On a bike ride this evening, I noticed destruction and carnage where a Blacksburg landmark once stood.  Where am I going to get my Makers Mark? It's the state-run ABC store that once stood at the corner of Country Club Drive and South Main Street.  I'm sure the demolition is all part of Kroger's ...
Have you seen this site, According to their home page, it's designed to show consumers the "transactional histories of real estate agents and mortgage lenders.  In theory the idea is great - find out what kind of experience your REALTOR® or mortgage lender has before contacting ...
Wonder if I can get free shipping? Even hotels are getting into the act.
Stuart Mease reposted an article from the NY Times on his blog. I'm curious what people think - and I'd encourage you to leave comments on his post - should parents be following their kids to school? Photo credit
So many folks are using mobile phones that are able to browse the Interweb these days, that it seemed like the NRVLiving Real Estate Blog needed to adapt or get left behind.  Since I don't like being left behind, we've updated our look a little bit, and you're likely  not going to notice the chan...
Was sent this link by a reader.  The savings from paper alone are tremendous ... Recycling a ton of paper saves: 17 trees 275 pounds of sulphur 350 lbs of limestone 9,000 lbs of steam 60,000 gal of water 225 kilowatt hours 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space Do your part.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.
Christiansburg's Town Council has approved the use of low speed vehicles on Town streets. Just because the Commonwealth allows it, doesn't mean it makes it a good idea . They're called low-speed vehicles for a reason.  Putting them on streets with vehicl...
The picture has nothing to do with the post - I just liked it.  Photo credit here. Chris Pund talks about his reasons why small towns and cities are great for starting a business.  Chris isn't new to the small business scene - he's a serial entrepreneur, and received high praise from Stuart Meas...
I like mob stuff.  Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Vito Genovese ... I don't know why, but that old time mob thing has always been interesting to me.  So it's no surprise that when I was introduced to the application "Mob Wars" on Facebook I jumped on it. Are you kidding me??  Create a mob, buy and sel...
Virginia Tech parents, are you in a bind for housing this semester?  Tired of paying rent, and would like to move your child into a place that actually EARNS you money every year?Whether your student is living on campus or off, most housing options have been decided at this point.  However, ther...

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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.