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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.
They've determined how to cross Route 114, they've determined the route ... But they need the money.  You can help the Friends of the Huckleberry by writing to express your support.  Brad Stipes tells us how ... If you enjoyed this post, why not leave a comment and subscribe via RSS or email here...
The bailout bill - also called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 - has been passed, and I know you've been itching to get your hands on a copy.  You can read the full report here. But if you'd like a summary (and I'd suggest it might be a bit easier to digest) you should check out ...
Zach Crizer of The Collegiate Times called me early last week and asked "why do people decide to invest in college towns?"  We talked for a few minutes, and later in the week he posted "Blacksburg Real Estate Weathers Financial Storm". Thanks, Zach, for the chance to talk with you, and to be quo...
Later today, I'm showing a few homes to a nice couple from out of town.  Like most folks who live elsewhere and are considering a move to the New River Valley, I've been emailing them listings for quite some time.  I've previewed many of the homes beforehand, and all told we've seen a few dozen h...
Bailout is what everyone's been talking about lately, and I wanted to find out what lenders were thinking would be happening in the short term, particularly as it relates to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac products.  According to Mark Weddle, and Dennis Duncan, both of Suntrust Bank, there are some po...
I've been sitting on this post for a few days.  Last week, the Bailout Bill was all anyone could seem to talk about, and I was one of millions watching and waiting to see what the government was going to do. And they threw me a curve.  I didn't expect them to vote it down.  I fully expected that...
The Town of Blacksburg is showcasing it's latest project in sustainability October 25th.  This should be cool, hope to see you there.
A reasonable delay, or politics as usual? What are we saying to those citizens who would benefit from a project like this if we're not willing to discuss it openly, honestly, and act decisively?  Is this a project that a silent majority of Montgomery County citizens truly want, but is being silen...
Blacksburg's newest development project, The Colosseum, has broken ground.  Here's a link to the recap in Multi-Housing News. I wrote in January that I thought it was too much for the area - too much product right now.  I still do; condos are lagging behind the rest of the market. Only time will...
A few weeks ago, I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Colosseum project in Blacksburg.  The event featured speakers, all kinds of food and drinks, Roman gladiators (I mean, honestly - can you name something "The Colosseum" without gladiators?) and golden shovels.  I took video to s...

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A look at Real Estate in the New River Valley of VA. Sometimes on topic, occasionally irreverent, always Real. That's why we're Real Estate. Simplified.