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How do you rate yourself as a person able to build business relationships with people you don't know online?
I have invested in Tom Ferry's business coaching to help me get a little more disciple.  One thing we were taught is to do the same thing every day at the same time, or better yet if you say you are taking lunch at 2 to 230 then between those hours that is what you should be doing.  This was very...
There are a few things a new agent who just passed their real estate exam and are now in search for a broker need to look for. Some Brokerages offer you classes to help you pass your test.  After that some companies require desk time - which may require you be in the office a specific amount of t...
I had an investor approach me with what seems to be a great deal.  She wants me to find/contact Realtors who have million dollar listings on particular homes.  Her company wants to purchase these homes but they want to do all the negotiating themselves.  They (the company) has RE Attorneys who wi...
Got a chance to attend RainCamp in sunny San Diego, Ca. this week and it was extremely informative.  Glad to have been there and would recommend it to any RE intrested in growing their business.  At times I do need more motivation and at the camp I got fired up again.  Many agents shared their ex...
I am not used to being the first one in the know, but someone bought it to my attention that it has been decided that the first time homebuyer credit has been extended til December 2010.  Was I dreaming because I was just telling a client of mine I wish the credit was extended so she would be abl...
I understand banks two in particular are shorting their short sale process.  Wachovia is one where they want to shorten the process down to 30 to 45 days for approval.  This information was shared with regard to their new program called fastrack.  Maybe some agents will be more apt to taking thei...
Now may be the time to buy in many parts of the country, but I sell real estate in Riverside and San Diego Counties of California. Homes are selling so cheap that some people are paying cash.  Wow that is so amazing to me.  Where did someone get $260k to pay cash for a home.  Were they saving for...
I am not sure what the local police's take was but from what I could see Halloween night in Murrieta, Ca was lovely.  There were plenty of festival's thrown by the local churches and many parents had block parties.  Murrieta is a nice family oriented neighborhood to live in. I went to the local K...
I understand we (government) has extended the tax credit through June of 2010 as long as in contract by April 2010.  True or not true.  Been out of touch with the media today. I hope this will continue to encourage potential home buyers to purchase only if they can truely afford it today and not ...
I have been a realtor for a few months but an agent for 3 years.  I started as a mls agent through a mlm company.  Whats your take on MLS Real Estate Companies, mine is it is as good as your upline. Do you know any sucessful Agent/loan officers?  Or is it best to start off in one direction and th...

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