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There are many applications available to add your real estate listings to Facebook. So many in fact, it becomes very time consuming to look at each one and figure out which one best suits your needs. The purpose of this post is to save you time and aggravation by sharing my research as a real est...
Are you one of many who think social media is a Fad and you and your real estate business don't need to be there? I was! This video by Erik Qualman at will change your mind! As a real estate virtual assistant, I have been blogging for years and have understood the seo value of bl...
I'm sure you have heard the quote 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.' I believe this is true. I also believe it has limits. One of the limits is copying text off the Home page of my real estate virtual assistant website without asking my permission. At first, I was not a happy camper a...
When I heard Gary Keller, author of the best-selling "Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times" and owner of Keller Williams Realty, was going to be on "Good Morning America" last week, I was anxious to hear what he had to what he had to say about how people can sell in a buyer's mark...
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Buzz: Do you remember the brisk Buyers Market of a few years ago? Buyers were beating down your doors. Anyone who could breathe had a real estate license and was selling homes. Then the market went south. Buyers were no where to be found and your pipeline of new busi...
As a real estate Virtual Assistant my satisfaction comes from knowing I have helped make my clients not only look good, but exceed expectations and set themselves a part as leaders in their real estate community. Knowing this, you will understand why I was thrilled when my client, Mike Manosky wi...
I feel part of my job as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is to be on top of the latest marketing techniques. I take the time to educate myself in the latest tools needed to build a successful real estate business. I then share what I have learned with my clients to help them grow their businesses...
Are you good at generating Internet leads for your real estate business, but having difficutly converting those leads? It is easy to get yourself into a vicious cycle. Business is slow. You spend money on marketing. You generate leads. You diligently follow-up on those leads. You get busy with ne...
This cold and bitter first week of 2010 is a great time to create your 2010 Marketing Plan. Most of us hate sitting down and spending time on such an exercise, but putting goals and strategies in writing greatly increases the chances of reaching those goals. The tough real estate markets we have ...
Now that you have learned the basics of tweeting on Twitter, Why Tweeting On Twitter Is Good For Your Real Estate Business, its time to learn about some of the not so obvious features to make your tweeting life easier.  1. Advanced search.  Twitter likes to hide some of its best features, such as...

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