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Cape Story By The Sea Sunset We finally get a nice, warm, and sunny Saturday to head for the beach.  Here is my youngest boy checking out another one Saturday night.  The sun sets over the bay here for most of the Spring and Summer. You can tell who on the beach watching has been to Key West, by ...
Do you own rental property in Cape Story By The Sea? I do, and I also live there. I believe that property in the neighborhood is an excellent long term investment, maybe having the best future appreciation potential in all of Virginia Beach.  Its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, First Landing Sta...
With all the talk of a potential government bailout for the current situation with the increase in foreclosures and short sales, I have some concerns. First off I will say that I have true compassion for those who have had their incomes drop due to the current economic situation, and are trying t...
After one month of blogging on Active Rain I received my first referral from another member, a local listing in Virginia Beach that belongs to a Maryland client of hers.I have had a couple potential leads, but this is the first to pan out.Thanks Lavina Samtani, a fellow RE/MAX agent.  Check it ou...
I have made a conscious effort to increase my presence on Google and Yahoo through SEO.  My website gets the traditional traffic from my printed material, phone conversations, etc.  Since I created my blog I am consistently popping up close to the top of page 1 using various common searchwords.  ...
2216 Sunvista Drive, Pelican Dunes/Aeries on the Bay, off Shore Drive                  THIS HOME HAS RENTED, 9 April, 2008 @ $1995/ month 3/10ths of a mile walk to Bay Beach (bottom right photo) on the street, shorter by trails.  $1995 / month, yearly lease.  NICE SINGLE FAMILY HOME NEAR CHESAPEA...
While in 2000 we by definition experienced a recession, not many people felt it.  The housing boom was just beginning and many were moving up, or at least felt like it.  It seemed everyone learned about it after it was long gone. Now all the experts seem to be tiptoeing around the official declar...
Ocean Park is a neighborhood located in the northern part of the City of Virginia Beach.  It is bordered to the east by Lynnhaven Inlet, to the north by the Chesapeake Bay, to the south by The Lynnhaven River, and to the west by Pelican Dunes/Aeries on the Bay neighborhoods.  It consists primaril...
Cape Story by the Sea is a neighborhood located in the northeast part of the City of Virginia Beach.  It is bordered to the east by Cape Henry Shores and First Landing State Park, to the north by the Chesapeake Bay, to the south by Long Creek and then Bay Island, and to the west by Great Neck Roa...
Regarding a recent blog about newspaper advertising, I am curious as to whether those under the age of thirty or so read their local paper.  I am 38 and I try to read the paper every day, and I specifically pay attention to Saturday's Real Estate Weekly.  I do look specifically at ads from other ...

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