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Real Estate Broker/Owner - HomeBuyer Brokerage
Victoria Lynne Henderson is the owner & broker of HomeBuyer Brokerage LLC. Licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Victoria works for homebuyers in every real estate transaction. Member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents ( licensed Realtor in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC Specializing in Home Buyer representation focusing on property evaluation, negotiation, and attentive service to Buyer clients.
How much money is needed to purchase a home?You will need a significant amount of cash to purchase a home. Most home buyers will use a conventional, FHA, or VA loan to purchase a home. Depending on how your contract is structured, you will need a down payment, earnest, money, deposit, and closing...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offer down payment assistance programs for home buyers. With higher interest rates than a year ago and home prices slowly dropping, home buyers are facing obstacles to home ownership.At HomeBuyer Brokerage, we want home buyers to have a full understanding of their optio...
The earnest money deposit is money placed into an escrow account at the beginning of a real estate transaction. In the Greater Washington D.C. and Baltimore Area, an earnest money deposit or EMD is a sum of money that the buyer deposits into a non-interest-bearing account, typically with a title ...
HomeBuyer Brokeragepresents an overview of Capitol Hill in 40 seconds Capitol Hill is the largest historic residential neighborhood in Washington DC. Eastern Market, Potomac Ave, and Capitol South are the Capitol Hill Metro stationsThe US Capital construction began in 1793 and some Capitol Hill h...
What is it like to live in Silver Spring Maryland?Here's a 40-second overview of Silver Spring Maryland. To learn more, contact us at, real estate for home buyers.  
Everything You Need to Know About AromatherapyAromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote well-being and health. Katrina Piehler is a certified health and wellness coach, licensed massage therapist, and essential oils, educator. Some essential oils are...
Listen Up, Home Buyers! The podcast offers advice and tips for home buyers FEMA Flood Maps, what you should knowMeet Jeffrey Jackson the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Federal Insurance Directorate within the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration (FIMA) at FEMA the Federal Emerg...
Home inspections are a challenge during the winter. Home buyers should have a thorough home inspection regardless of the time of year. But in the winter months, home inspectors work around the ice, snow, and slippery conditions.  On the podcast, Listen Up Home Buyers! Glenn Grutta, the owner of V...
The final step in the home-buying process is the settlement.  At the settlement or the closing day, the buyers and sellers sign all the paperwork that makes the transaction happen.A settlement agent or a settlement attorney ensures all necessary paperwork is properly signed. In addition, the sett...
Radon Gas is odorless and colorless and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.Meet Yvonne and Glen Blanc the owners of Pro-Spex Home Inspection Company based in Maryland and serving Washington D.C., Maryland & Virginia.HomeBuyer Brokerage serves home buyers in the Greate...

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