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 My office came up with a great idea for a caravan that has agents from all over the area clamoring to join in.   At first it started out slow with only about 19 or 20 agents participating.  Now the caravan has a regular attendance of between 40 and 60 agents. The reason so many agents want to go...
In lighte of the Los Angeles Times Article "Sales of Homes down 34% in Region", June 14, I have to say something positive.  This is a great time to buy a home.  Home prices are down and interest rates have stayed relatively low too.  If buyers stay on the fence too much longer they will find even...
Many of you Realtors have posted listings on AR.  I have a great listing but am not sure exactly how to write an  ad for it on AR. Do I just describe it and post it to the Public?  Is there a way of adding pictures?  Is it important to include the address along with details of the property? Any s...
Today I heard from a new client.  She was complaining about a competing firm here in Riverside, CA.  To make a long story short, what happened is that she wanted to take a look at a house she was interested in buying, but couldn't get anyone from the firm to show her the house.  She found someone...
One of the things I love to do is travel.  Last month my husband and I took a wonderful and unique trip to Viet Nam.  It was wonderful.  My husband was there during the war in the late ‘60s and has always said he wanted to go back.  Well this year we finally made it.  He always talked about what ...
My home town and the area where, I concentrate the bulk of my real estate business, is Riverside, Ca.  Riverside is part of the Inland Empire, comprised of Riverside, San Bernardino and all surrounding towns and communities.  Riverside started as a center of the citrus industry.  Most of the orig...
Sunday I was sitting at an open house again.  Does everyone do open houses?  So few people show up and both the sellers and I are getting tired of open houses. What are some other great ideas for marketing a home? (Not that open houses are great.) I have the house listed in other boards, I advert...
Lately I have been working at doing the job I should have been doing all along and what we are all supposed to be doing, and that is previewing homes.  Since the first of the year I have been trying to preview homes at least once a week with my office or board.  It really does come in handy to kn...
I just submitted a long blog, had everything ready and pressed the wrong key and lost it.  How frustrating. It was a really good blog too.  I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
Sometimes I just have to comment on what a beautiful place we live.  For the last week or maybe two, the weather has started off foggy in the morning then clears by noon and reaches 82 to 85 degrees in the afternoon.  Before the heat can build a breeze always picks up by 3:00 PM and makes it a pe...

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