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Unless you are a vetaran and qualify for the VA no money down loan, there are very few  no money down loan options available for home buyers today, right?  Wrong.There are far more programs available than most would expect.  The programs work with FHA loans and are anything from grants to forgive...
Yesterday I received an email that read, in part, "I find it curious that realtors say "prices are going up" while the value of existing homes are going down.  Which is it??"  Well, here's the thing.  When we talk about "the market" we are looking at the big picture. "Prices are going up" is a g...
Today is a holiday designated to remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his many contributions to our society....not the least of which are laws (Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Fair Housing Law) ensuring that persons of all races have equal access to housing. It's hard to tell when the Federal...
In honor of MLK day today, I am choosing to tell you a personal story, a very real, personal story. If you grew up in a different environment, forgive the naivety from which this post comes. You see, I never witnessed much that I recognized as discrimination, but then again, our area was not ver...
Thinking of selling your condo in Stratford Club in Leesburg, VA?  Here's a little info you may find helpful. First, a little background.  Stratford Club was a rental apartment community.  Toll Brothers purchased the community at the height of the market to do condo conversions.  They struggled ...
Mortgage rates are inching up but remain historically low. This trend continues to support home buying as it translates to significant savings for buyers. As overall economic recovery remains on track, rates are expected to rise to keep inflation in check. 30 year fixed 4.77% 15 year fixed 4.13%...
The housing market is recovering. As more home buyers are taking advantage of the improved affordability conditions. With mortgage rates hovering around recent record lows and home prices having generally stabilized, economists are expecting an upward trend to a healthy and sustainable level in ...
This morning, I got a little email "love" that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I sold a home for some neighbors here in Leesburg last spring.  Now they are building their dream home in SC. I hate getting close to people just as they move out of the area....I miss them so. But it is thrilling to ...
I just received an email from a client.  I sold an investment home they owned a couple of months ago.  She sent me a lovely card with the kindest words and a gift certificate for dinner out with my family.  I sent an email wishing her and her family happy holidays, thanking her for the gift and ...
Painting the Town Red Hey, there Lo Co Home Sellers!  New in 2011, Keller Williams Realty will be painting Loudoun County RED once a month. It is our plan to hold as many of our listings open on the same day each month as possible, literally painting the town(s) with our red signs.  Imagine the n...

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