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You Might Not Need A REALTOR IF.... Reason #8 You Know How To Deal With Low Appraisals Don't let you're money go down the drain! Although I briefly mentioned this in prior posts, it is critically important and therefore I am focusing on it as it's OWN separate issue.  Appraisals. Ugh. Appraisals ...
Snowmagedon - The Aftermath  Snowmagedon 2010 has come and gone in the form of 2 blizzards (or near blizzards) within days of one another.  Here in Leesburg, we've gotten almost 60 inches of snow in 4 weather "events" in an 11 day stretch.  Say it with me: "snOMG"!* * * * * All around us....Trees...
With all the recent snow, cabin fever is setting in throughout Loudoun, with school canceled for 6 days in a row due to weather... then add weekends and previously scheduled days off, and the kids just aren't going to school these days at all!  We've done some common and uncommon outdoor and indo...
If you're living in this Loudoun/Dulles or the surrounding area this is not news to you.... We JUST had 34.5 inches of snow, and 2 snowfalls within the previous week totalling about 10 inches of snow, and now we're expecting another 5-9 inches beginning tomorrow. Because our area rarely experien...
The Washington DC area just experienced the 'Snowpocalypse', where Loudoun received a whopping 34.5 inches of snow.  Coming amongst the snowiest winter we've ever had, and this being our second blizzard of the year, many local school systems have used up all their snow days.  Loudoun County schoo...
You Might Not Need A REALTOR IF....Reason #7 you love stress, and can handle managing the 'contract to close' process. Tick * Tock * Tick * Tock Managing the contract to close part of the transaction is one of the more mundane parts of the process, thus the reason that real estate agents on both ...
Some days you wake up and this is what you see from your front door.  Within minutes, the kids are off the walls and you haven't even finished your coffee.  Oh, Joy!  Another day in paradise. Okay, so do what you can.  Pick a house project (clean up the family room) altered with a fun project (sn...
So, today I was on Facebook (according to a recent quiz, I am 66% addicted).  We were all chatting about the woodchucks and groundhogs (what's the difference?) that did or did not see their shadows (most did).  One REALTOR friend in Michigan said that the spectators that went to see Woody the Woo...
You Might Not Need A REALTOR IF.... You know how to, and LIKE, negotiating. I see people that have this WRONG more than they have this right; even some agents if I am honest. There are some core things to keep in mind when negotiating an offer. • As a seller, you love your home. In this market, y...
Most of us have seen the movie, Groundhog Day.  But I always wonder, am I the only one that sees a morale to the story?  At first, Bill Murray is miserable and barely makes it through the day, hating every moment.  Then, he wakes up the next day and it's NOT the next day.... he's very confused.  ...

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