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It's was crazy Muddy Night Football for the Steelers as the press is calling it winning with 17 seconds left against the winless Miami Dolphins 3-0. Highlights   Steelers Improve to 13-0 Monday Night (Last Lost 1991)  Big Ben went 18 for 21 (minus the pick to Porter) 6-0 at Home this season!  Wou...
It's great to be in Pittsburgh!!!  -STEELERS HIGHLIGHTS-Pittsburgh has a 119-26 scoring edge in winning its four home games12 in a row on Monday Night baby! 38-7 victory over Baltimore James Harrison, a non-drafted free agent had 9 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and a pick!!! What a game.B...
 Check this out! Another link! This guy is offering his home for a little under 400k.  Nice house around me.  However, upon his and his wifes death, they are offering to give the amount paid back to the buyer.  Esentially, a free home after they die! They have no hiers, and just want out of the h...
Thought I would be romantic!!!!  So as of tomorrow I will be engaged for a total of 5 months to the love of my life. We have been together for a total of 5 years with the usual up's and downs that any normal relationship has.   Last week we were laying around and she looked at me and said "Only 3...
What do you even say? Fixer upper? I actually had a neighbor that had his house painted similiar colors w/out the dots where I grew up! Green with a purple door.  This one isn't as bad but still......someone paid for this?              This is actually the best one IMO.......would still be a toug...

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