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This is every retailers dream and every agents frustration.  When prices were getting jacked up people couldn't wait to buy all they could afford (or not afford).  Now that prices are declining and money is cheap, it is difficult to find buyers or investors.  Obviously there are some factors that...
The best marketing dollars I ever spent did not have my name, number, or picture anywhere on the marketing piece.  Over the past year or so I have tried to work on building my business through referals.  To do this I shifted my marketing dollars away from interuptive marketing techniques and towa...
I just thought everyone could benefit from using this great website I found the other day. It helps when posting to craigslist.org.  It also lets you trak activity to your posting so you can give your sellers feedback. It is called Vflyer.com I think it creates great flyers which I print right fr...
I had a valuable experience the other day, where I learned something about Character.  I was in a situation where my buyers were going to lose their earnest money due to my misrepresentation, in other words I was going to lose $1000. And not wanting to lose my hard earned money I was trying to ju...
Something I have a very hard time reading in MLS listings is the verbage "motivated seller"  because nothing says motivated seller like a price decrease on the listing.  As an agent are you not hurting your seller by saying in the agent comments "motivated seller"  To me this is the equivilant of...
Here is a great site to build, communicate, and work with your circle of influence which works off of the three degrees in which we are connected to those with whom we do business.  And for those of us who are not that organized it is a very efficent way to keep track of what you are trying to do...
Nampa Idaho is a suberb of Boise, with an approximate population of 70,000.  In between Nampa and Boise is a city named Meridian which over the past 15 years has exploded in popualtion growth and now that most of the affordable land there has been spoken for Nampa is now reaping the benefits.  Un...
Every market presents opportunities, while the sellers market of last year seems to be all but dead, the resurgance of the buyers market has taken the forefront of my business.  Many of my clients are anxious to take advantage of the still generous equity in their exsisting properties and use tha...

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