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To all OAMP Members, Mortgage Industry Professionals, and firm employees:   Oregon Senate Bill 965, which we told you a few days ago passed in the Senate, is moving quickly in the House.  Passage in its current form would cause serious problems to both the mortgage lending community and those con...
Mortgage Industry Participants – this is a Call To Action!: (I know this is wordy, but there is no other way)   Oregon Senate Bill 965 hasn’t gone away.  We, as Oregonians first and mortgage professionals second, are going to need your help THIS THURSDAY, and the help of everyone you know within ...
I recently made the switch to a Mac computer and am having issues finding good software for Loan Processing. I still have my pc and will continue using it until I have found a good solution to my problem. I currently am using Calyx Point, but it does not support the Mac. Anybody have a good sugge...
Recently went to a financial seminar in San Francisco, CA put on by Anthony Robbins called Wealth Mastery. Wow, what an event... if you ever get a chance to attend, it will change your life. They had an instructor that was a guru on World economics. His name is Michael Smorch and he shared some i...
I have recently become a member of By Referral Only. They are a company that offer coaching, marketing, and complete systems for Real estate agents as well as Mortgage consultants. I was very impressed with the tools and guidance I received from them right off the bat. They have a system that, if...

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