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I'm Toni Weidman; my husband, Craig, and I have been selling homes for 23 years in the New Port Richey-Trinity & North Pinellas areas. I am past President of the Board of Directors of the SPCA Suncoast. We also give you information about local events, local people, local businesses and things that go on around our area. BUY LOCAL - keep your neighbors in business. We are members of the Trinity-Odessa Chamber of Commerce.
Monday Morning Orchid In New Port Richey, FL   I looked out my kitchen window this morning and guess what awaited me.  We have been having crazy weather: monsoon rain, scary winds, and cold temps so I didn't expect to see any flowers much less an orchid. We keep our orchids outside; when it's rea...
Improve Your Memory Do you forget what you did with your keys, cell phone, purse/wallet? Do you sometimes sit there wondering what it was you wanted to look up online? That happens to me usually when I get distracted by something else that comes up on my iPad screen. Or my phone, or email or TV. ...
Being a classic car lover is a very difficult job. Every car show I go to, I fall in love with a diffeent car. At a recent car show at The Shops At Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel, I came across this beauty. It is very elegant and just looks like you should be wearing  your crown when you ride in it. ...
  2014 Home Sales in Holiday, FL739 Single Family homes in Holiday, FL sold during 2014. The lowest sold was for $13,000 (originally listed for $35,000.). This was in Knollwood Village and had 956 sf.The highest price sold was a home in Bailey’s Bluff, custom-built 2006, elevated and having 2,320...
  Meet-Up In Safety Harbor, FL. We enjoyed our meet-up as we always do: Barbara-Jo Roberts Berberi, MA, TRC - Greater Clearwater Florida Residential Real Estate Professional  did a great job as usual setting up our meet-up.  We had lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe on Main Street in Safety Harbor, F...
You all know my downspout Alligator that gushes rain in storms. (It's Enough To Choke A Gator)   Well, last week when we had a huge storm, he might have lost a filling, and Dr. Lizard (the dentist) came to see him.  He's taking a real long look so I hope he was able to find the problem and get th...
  I love anything and everything Avocado amd I was on Pinterest and found this Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls recipe by DamnDelicious.  I repinned it on a group page called Avocado ♥rs. (Avocado Lovers)   It has been repinned 15,654 times which just amazes me. Anyway, I added it here so yo...
  The Latest In Spam Fashion   This is a new one on me.  They usually don't go into such detail.   "This is the official notice of unclaimed fund left by my late client, a citizen of your country, who died as a result of tragic car accident.After all inquiries and investigations even with the rel...
  What Kind of Networker Are You?  After many years of networking and observing the local species, I've broken down the networking types as follows:   Run Around Sue/Sam:  this gal or it could be a guy runs around circling the other networkers and trying to get into a group. Once that goal is ach...
Shayna has become somthing of a bookworm and can be found in front of an open book quite often.  She's an excellent bookmark although sometimes she likes to play with the pages; then my page is gone. Sometimes her tail gets used as a bookmark.     Take time out to read a book; no matter what type...

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