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Well I must say business is slow for me right now.  Doing all the things in order to attempt to aquire more business. Going after FSBO, Expired listings , and talking to potential buyers. Seems folks are  holding back due to the economy situation.  Even bragging to them about recent mortgage rate...
WEll it is Tuesday and have been making those calls to everyone I know.  Past Clients that I have ' done business with is number one.  Have contacted some friends for any referrals.  I am now planning to do as I do everyday, drive through neighborhoods and find those FSBO's.  My intention is to f...
Trying to work this ever changing maket .  Doing lots of networking,  my car will stop at a FSBO, just to say hello and introduce myself with no pressure. I usually leave a flyer on tips about selling on their own and offer a CMA if interested.  Getting buyers lately has been trying to say the le...
Veterns Day is a very special day to me.  Having served 10 years in the U.S. Navy, and two (2) tours of duty in Vietnam.  The day is one to reflect about fellow veterns, and those I served with through those years .  I think of the young men and women who are serving today, protecting our country...
I did an open house last week and it was a real bust.  I am just wondering how others are doing in their open houses.  I did one for 4 hours and traffic was low only 1 couple came through and were only looking with no aspect of buying at all.   I did make use of the time by networking , and lead ...
Have you had the opportunity to have a client thinking about moving to the Virginia Beach area?  I can say this much about the area.  I have lived here since 1972 and have seen this area expand.  Lots of waterfront property is in place, oceanfront , bayfront, or river/tidal. Hundreds of homes in ...
Wow what a night it was for America,  millions of people from all over the country came out to vote.  The long lines , but no one was upset.  For myself I took it all in and was proud to be an American and see the process of voting at its highest  peak. Men and women from all walks of life, votin...
Well it looks as though @10:19 pm est Obama is in the lead to be our next President.  I have  the privledge to see alot fo historic events .  Things though history , from  John Kennedy , Martin Luther King , Bobby Kennedy and two tours of duty in Vietnam, and seeing it end.  During that time our ...

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