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More people in the Midlands remodeled homes in 2008 than the previous year, but they spent less money doing it.  More people appear to be staying put amid a cooling real estate market, but they are using their money to make upgrades that will add value when the market turns and allow them to enj...
Here are this weeks top 3 selling home prices in Richland and Lexington:   Richland: $624,413 - 27 Club Ridge Court, Elgin 29045 $465,000 - 104 Old Still Road West, Columbia 29223 $435,000 - 129 Hamptons Grant Court, Columbia 29209   Lexington: $330,000 - 120 Inverness Drive, Lexington 29072 $325...
You have one more opportunity to visit this year's Tour of Homes on Saturday and Sunday from noon-6PM.  The Tour is sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia.  Here are this year's winners: Under $125,000 - Best overall: The Dawson by Executive Construction, LLC, Dawson's Par...
These "Ten Commandments of Travel" will help you avoid problems and even enjoy business and leisure trips. 1.  Travel is difficult and it costs too much.   Think and plan ahead.  If you think you're going to get it as easy as the $49 flight commercials you see on tv, think again.  Be as flexible...
In today's real estate market, there isn't a straight answer for most situations.  Not only are you learning along the way during a real estate short sale, but so are the real estate agents, bankers and sellers.  Here is an important checklist of issues buyers and sellers need to consider when pu...
People who spend a lot of time outdoors often have a lot of equipment.  The problem is where to store this equipment.  Here are some good tips on what to do: 1. Decide where you are going to store your kayak, bikes or hunting gear. 2. Ask a friend about your plan to store items. 3. Use plastic tu...
You've got to take a look at this awesome read by Harry S. Dent (2008). The Great Depression Ahead is right on target. Here's an excerpt about it from his website  "Harry S. Dent accurately foresaw the recession of 1990-1991, the expansion of the mid-nineties, and the boom of 1998-...
Obama is quickly finding out two things as he looks for ways to make the White House more environmentally friendly. 1. It's already been done. 2. It needs to be done again. In 1993, Bill Clinton started "greening" the White House and saved $1.4 million in the first six years.  He took projects on...
Every year in the US, 1/3 of people over 65 falls.  Falling is also the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults according to the CDC.  What for most is a simple misstep, can turn into a life altering injury or death for the elderly.  With older folks having been hit hard in their retire...
Now that Spring has sprung, gardeners are preparing for some time outdoors.  This year, how about invite some insects to join you in the garden as well.  Beneficial insects can help reduce the amount of bad insects by eating them.  There are two types of beneficial insects: predators and parasito...

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