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A few years ago I had one of those "Ah-Ha" moments that forever changed my perspectiive of the real estate business. It came at a Ninja Selling seminar with Larry Kendall whom I consider to be one of the great minds in real estate. The comment he made was very simple and impactful - real estate i...
I am a patriotic person and one that loves my country and the traditions of my roots. Growing up in a ranching and real estate family it was a natural extension for me to become a rodeo cowboy. While rodeo is not as popular as other mainstream sports it definitely has a loyal following in many pa...
I love paying referrals, and I'm not just talking about a referral to out-of-town agents I met at a convention and barely know. I'm talking about friends in my office or fellow agents in my market area that are working every day to make a living just like I am. As a commercial agent I have a busi...
They say the first step to dealing with a problem is to acknowledge it exists, so here goes. Hi, my name is Travis and I’m addicted to farm and ranch stores. When I travel out of Arizona I love to find these giant “candy stores” made for guys – it might be a Big R in Nevada or Colorado, Murdoch’s...
In central Arizona it is common for buyers to have a dream of buying and owning a “ranch” yet this may look like a small horse property, an equestrian estate or a farm, rather than “The Ponderosa.” In my previous career as a banker I helped a customer purchase a boat, a rather large boat!  As we ...

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