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Simple way to evaluate the value of your home.
NO MORE STATE TAX ON FORGIVEN DEBT Distressed homeowners no longer have to pay California state income tax on debt forgiven in a short sale, foreclosure, or loan modification.  Enacted into law yesterday, Senate Bill 401 generally aligns California's tax treatment of mortgage debt relief income ...
  Currently many banks are using every underhanded / evasive tactic to either ignore mod requests OR put so many obstacles in the home owner''s way ...that they simply give up.   Here''s are the latest tactics/ obstacles and a possible ways to combat them.    I publish these e blasts as a public...
I have noticed that standard sales are following the Banks lead and not paying for Termite inspections or repairs. "AS IS" can also be found on the Short Sales. It is bare bones for buyers and could be a slippery slope, buyers must have a detailed Home Inspection and if anything looks questionabl...
HUD TAKES ACTION TO SPEED RESALE OF FORECLOSED PROPERTIES TO NEW OWNERSMeasure to help bring stability to home values and accelerate sale of vacant properties WASHINGTON - In an effort to stabilize home values and improve conditions in communities where foreclosure activity is high, HUD Secretary...
   I just received a call from Linda at Titanium saying they would be taking over one of my Short Sale files. So I guess this means Equator is out? It was opened up on equator in Dec '09. This is a Freddie Mac loan in default for almost a year. I have been fighting with B of A for a year with thr...
  "A report conducted by First American CoreLogic found there was a 1.7-million-unit pending supply of residential housing inventory, an increase from 1.1 million a year earlier."  Is this more than we thought? When will they release know inventory? No one knows for sure. My guess would be it wil...
A daughter growing up with horses-My daughter turned sixteen years old today; which is a milestone for most people. Besides looking at baby photos and childhood trinkets with her, I took time to reflect on the young woman my daughter had become and the choices she would face in the future.As I lo...
162511.1  It is not known who replied, but there is a beautiful soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service.   SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! This did not happen to me it was sent to me by a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my...
What Your Lender and Mortgage Broker Didn’t Tell You:   California Code of Civil Procedure § 580b protects a California homeowner from a deficiency judgment when the homeowner’s purchase-money lender forecloses upon the home after default. In other words, if the price the lender realized at the f...

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