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 I attended a Short Sales Certification class yesterday. The speaker was from Bank Of America, after a detailed explanation of how to access and speed up Short Sales with Bank of America on the Equator website. June offered up the fact the next wave of distressed properties would be more Short Sa...
OK how about REDFIN next!!! I don't know about you but I am tired of web sites asking Licensed Realtors to pay them a referral fee!! For what? IT specialist sitting a round think tanks trying to figure out how to set up a web site that makes money off others backs!   Mad as hell and not gonna tak...
This is one of my favorite buyers but they can get a little crazy when asked to provide Proof Of Funds. The response is well I have to move some money around, cash out a CD etc. I really do not want to waste my time or my gas driving around showing houses to someone who can not purchase.  The old...
Well today was a first for me. My buyer absolutely refuses to cross qual with Bank Of America or any other lender for that matter. She has shared her information with one lender and that's that. End of story. I understand BAC wants to know for sure she is qualified to complete a transaction. And ...
Like our job isn'thard enough with Short Sales, REO, dealing with the public etc. Put a weirdo in the mix and there you go, RE Agent attacked, bound and kidnapped. I have heard about this since day one always let someone know where you are going and who you are meeting with. And buyers get upset ...
Ah, the new wave of how to buy a house in the sea of toxic assets. Also known as someones gonna be Dreamhome. If you have yet to venture into purchasing an REO aka Bank Owned, this is what "as is" IS! You make the offer it gets accepted by the Bank aka toxic asset servicer.   But before you get a...
All buyers deserve to have proper representation and it’s impossible if the listing agent is doing his job properly. My team and I are listing agents, and we ONLY represent the seller.There are always bumps in the road to the closing table, and buyers without representation are at a great disadva...
Simply put your mortgage, bank account, saving account, 401K, and Credit Cards are all linked to one account. As with any new loan the kinks are not yet ironed out and they are calling this a mortgage for the extremely Financially Savy Individuals. A few requirements today, although I am sure in ...
Everyone knows someone who has been through a Short Sale. The stigma of shame is no longer a label associated with a Short Sale. After all Mr. O'bama even set up a program to help people to get money to move out with the HAFA program sellers are entitled to a $3000 bonus at close of escrow. Or if...
On a $300000 purchase that's $6000 per year or $500 per month plus HOA $100.00 per month. That is why all borrowers need to check the GFE form their lenders! AKA Good Faith Estimate don't have one ask!

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