My House Is Worth What?

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Simple way to evaluate the value of your home.



On a $300000 purchase that's $6000 per year or $500 per month plus HOA $100.00 per month. That is why all borrowers need to check the GFE form their lenders! AKA Good Faith Estimate don't have one ask!
I am not pyshic, I can't tell you, I would have to kill you if I did!! Really there are so many things that can and do change the dynamics of a SS. Does the seller really have a Hardship? Is there a HELLOC? Will the bank accept your low offer? Does the List agent know how to run a SS? Will the se...
When my dear Friend sent me this link I was really impressed. I started coming to Temecula in 1993 for the Paint Horse Shows held here. At first the name really got me. Temecula like Dracula? What kind of name is that? Pronounced Ta-Mec-U-la not Temy-Kula! The vineyards stretched for miles winery...
Priced below market value. What exactly does that means to a buyer? So many times I have had to explain to buyers that some "prices" are really just lost leaders?   I further explain the below market price is;   1. A desperate agent trying to save the house from going to Trust Deed Sale 2. Trying...

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