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Reporting on the 3-day decline in mortgage bond pricing causing a jump in rates from last week. Watch the video for the reasons for the jump but it simply comes down to anytime there is positive news for the economy, bonds will suffer. With good pending home sales, lower number of jobs being los...
It has been a brutal day for mortgage bonds and treasuries, but a great day for stocks with the DOW looking to close above 9000, the NASDAQ nearing 2000 and the S & P close to 1000 as well.
07/23/2009 After pricing a few deals for clients this afternoon and where mortgage rates landed after a nice rally today I feel that considering an adjustable rate mortgage for a moderate range period like 5 to 7 years is making a lot...
What turned in to being probably the most anticipated Fed meeting adjournment with its policy statement following shortly thereafter, turned out to be a big flop. Mortgage backed securities were literally flat at 0 the last I looked and the DOW was down 23 after traders digested the information. ...
06/23/2009   Hello Friends!  Wow, I didn't see this one coming! I was shocked to realize that after attending more training on these Refi Programs, I had my transaction coordinator run an investment property through Fannie Mae's "DU" on...
Hello Friends, So most mornings I have my little "Hour of Power" ritual usually around 530 AM where I do things like my deep breathing, prayer, jump on the "Rebounder" review my "attitude of gratitude list", time in the Word, daily affirmations, read a chapter in my current book and finally and p...
President Obama's Refinance Initiatives on Hello Friends! Finally, progress on President Obama's refinance initiatives he spoke about in Arizona nearly 6 weeks ago! Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced their programs for those home owners that currently have their first mor...
Hello Friends! For those of you that had Spring Break this past week with your kids, I hope you had a great time and enjoyed your week. Also, my prayers and thoughts go out to our brothers and sisters in North Dakota and pray for their safety and relief from the floods and disaster they are deali...

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