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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Hokanson Realty & Jared Realty Group
Jared has been involved in real estate for 18 years. He has expert advice and loves to help sell their house for top dollar or help others find just the right house.
Staging tip - always, always have a spotless bathroom when showing your house. (That means remove your toothbrush and all personal items from view. Shoving them under the sink is acceptable!)  Remove your scale, your garbage cans and especially your plunger just before leaving the house for a sho...
Have you ever walked into a house and were immediately turned off by the smell of pets or last night's dinner?Immediately your focus shifts.  Instead of noticing the great layout of the home or the beautiful staging, your thoughts turned to how uninviting the smell is and what has caused it.  The...
Preparing something for breakfast is indeed a heavy task for those who are working early. It is also a challenge for those who are also on the go. Now, what you can actually do is drop by a burger store and get yourself the best burger. By doing so, you can have the energy for the rest of the day...
As you choose to stay fit, you surely choose to live happier as well. Now, if you are too busy to have a morning exercise then you can find an alternative to it.  For instance, you can try a bicycle.  This kind of activity will surely give you the exercise that you aim for while you are having fu...
On the go meal is always a good idea especially for those who are always in a hurry.  All you need to do is to really find a good cafe that can offer you the best meal while you are on the road. https://bit.ly/2KzGF4DHokanson Realty541-772-SOLDwww.jaredhokanson.com https://www.facebook.com/hokans...
As you give gifts to your loved ones, you are making them feel important. Now for you to find a good gift, you need to check as many stores as you can. You may also consider checking some online store for you to save born your time and effort. https://bit.ly/2IsCDu3Hokanson Realty541-772-SOLDwww....
Dogs can be among the best stress reliever. They can keep your worries away and will make you feel loved in every way. This is something that will surely enrich your lives. https://bit.ly/2G42hTRHokanson Realty541-772-SOLDwww.jaredhokanson.comhttps://www.facebook.com/hokansonrealty
Outdoor activity can be more exciting if you are with your family and friends. It will also be easier when you have the right equipment with you. It is then important that you find a store to purchase all of your needed equipment.  https://bit.ly/2I6BvAbHokanson Realty541-772-SOLDwww.jaredhokanso...
Bowling can be among the most enjoyable activity that you can do with your loved one. Aside from the fact that you will have a good time, you will also gain more benefits. One of those benefits is having a better health.  http://bit.do/efNChHokanson Realty541-772-SOLDwww.jaredhokanson.com https:/...
The thrift shop is among the best kind of shop that you can visit. Aside from the fact that you can save a lot of money as you choose to shop here, you can also have the chance to find something that is indeed a treasure.  https://bit.ly/2roM2fxHokanson Realty541-772-SOLDwww.jaredhokanson.com htt...

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