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absolutely! you must give a "good faith" deposit to show you are motivated and have the financial means to move forward should the bank agree to the terms. In New Jersey the money must be deposited into an escrow account within three business days of the check date. Either your attorney or the ag...
If you'd like, our company sets up agent referals for you. I can send you three (or more if need) agents from all different brands that market homes in Somerset and you can choose on your own. We also provide you with a transaction assistant free of charge to work with you throughout the selectio...
In New Jersey, an agent is someone who completes a 75 hour course in real estate, passes the agent exam and works under a Broker. A Broker is someone who completed three years as a full-time agent , takes 130 course hours on ethics, law and office management, then pass the broker's exam. After be...
Here are some basics of the credit as reported by Diane Dilzell, NJARPresident in NJ Realtor Magazine this week: * A person is considered a first-time buyer if he/she has not owned ahome in the three years prior to the date of the 2009 purchase.* The home purchased must be used as a principle res...
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It's not time to find a new agent. It's time to lower the price. Three months is not a lot of time in this market. Buyers are taking their time to make decisions because they know the price is going to get better. Tell me, in the three months how many times have you lowered the price? Buyers toda...
Banks are scary right one day closed the next. I've also seen some bait and switch tactics from national banks that I would never recommend again. That being said, I would contact a local credit union like Affinity Federal Credit Union. They do not work on commission like most lenders ...
The truth? We don't hate FSBOs because they don't use Realtor services but the process is often MUCH more difficult without an agent because it becomes emotional for the seller. An agent often does more work because no one is advising them on the other side on what is realistic or typical course ...
It means you offered $90,000.
You don't need an agent to sell your own home but you do need a good real estate attorney to review the contracts and help you through the selling process. If you are satisfied with the bids ask all buyers to give their highest and best price OR give them all the same counter offer and see if any...

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