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I'm bias but Hunterdon County is my choice. Like you I'm from Essex County and we found value and great schools in the western part of the state. Our first move was to Somerset County but it got congested and prices rose so we moved further SouthWest. Check out the demographics and school reports...
07/09/2009 has all the local tax information, school reports and demographics for the area as well as all the town links, just go to the resource page. Let me know if I can help you in your search.
Sellers might not feel insulted per say, but a lowball offer might make them see the buyers as unfair. And research shows that people will often punish those who treat them unfairly, even if it is against their own best interests. A case in point is the Ultimatum Game.The Ultimatum Game was inven...
Homes when priced right are still selling. While I use to say that your first offer is your best, now I'm saying your first offer will be your most insulting. The key is to make a solid counter-offer and work with the buyer prospect.  For buyers looking for a great deal...there are definitely goo...
Camille Miller, Founder of, became a Twitter-er yesterday after her site was "tweeted" about by a NJ Author wishing to become listed in her Shop Jersey-NJ Authors section of the site.   Ms. Miller willl use the service to update followers on the latest news and answer rea...
And I was told that there is another bid on the house. We do not know theamount of the other bid. So I told my agent that I will beat any bid By $2000 up to a certain amount. But I was told that i can not place a bid like that. Is that true? They do it all the time on t v. thanks Although this se...
You can ask your agent to give you a signed sheet from the seller that your offer was rejected. I often ask the seller to sign the front page of an offer as "rejected" for proof of presentation. I don't know your agent but I highly doubt that a good agent would risk their license by not presentin...
Check out for the latest school report for any town in any county right from the home page or under our resource center. The site provides all the information you need to make a good decision. If you need an agent don't hesitate to contact us for a referal. Goo...
BackGround: We extended a contract on a property with 20,000 deposit and I was provided a Mortgage commitment, however a day before my closing, I was told Bank (BOFA) had a glitch in their system and could not close. After several run arounds & after a week of delay BOFA finally declined me for m...
It is being proposed by our wizard of a Governor. Here's an article on it. also on home page there is a good write up. Like most of his budget balancing ideas, it will most likely get voted down but certainly writ...

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