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nj real estate questions asked by consumers and answered by founder, Camille Miller.
My husband and I live in West Tennessee but were born and raised in Chicago. We aren't interested in moving back to Chicago but we both very much miss city life! We have children now so we are more interested in a suburban type setting. We settled on New Jersey as a whole because it would be clos...
Yes, a home owner can list their own home on many websites at no cost. You can list on Trulia, Zillow, Postlets, Craigslist and a few others. Up load as many pictures and descriptions as possible and do a great write up for the place. We also offer a FSBO home listing service on our website, http...
You can find great mortgage/loan calculators through Affinity Federal Credit Union. They can also help you determine what you can afford. We use them because they do not have mortgage reps that work on commission. Go to to see their current rates and info. Clic...
Are the aesthetics as important as we make them out to be?  Does the size of the yard or the number of rooms really matter to the quality of your life all that much? I guess what I'm asking is, what does owning a home, or a house, do for us? A home should be a safe haven and anything else you can...
Why exactly would you want to? If you add the space for marketing you're not being truthful. A deck is not considered living space because it does not have heat or a ceiling. Do you just want to pay more taxes on it?
08/19/2009 has a network of buyers agent's throughout the state that can assist you in your home search. We use only the best agents from a variety of brands to refer to. When you are ready to begin your search contact me directly and we will introduce to you to an experienced buyer...
When you are ready to begin your search we can refer you to several agents throughout many different brands around the Westfield area to guide you. provides you a transaction assistant to work with you as well as finds the right agent for your needs. Our referral net...
The answer is NO, not as the credit is written right now. The credit can only be taking by someone who has not owned a home or held a mortgage in the last three years. For more information on the specifics of this tax credit go to and click on the icon from the...
The forms are not available to unlicensed individuals, however your attorney should be preparing all of these documnets for you. If you are not using an agent you absolutely need an attorney in New Jersey. As an owner you are not held to the same standards as a Broker but none-the-less want to be...
In north Jersey usually an attorney. In south Jersey a title company.  I recommend always getting an attorney no matter where you're buying. The extra money it costs for an attorney to check over the contract and advise you is priceless in the end.

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