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In NJ the answer is YES. During Attorney Review the buyer or seller can cancel the contract for any reason and recover the full amount of deposit. While in review you are not "under contract". Good luck to you.
If the map says 27 miles you can figure about an hour in NJ during rush hour. It will depend on what time you choose to be ont he road of course. We're a commuter state. Everyone is on the road at the same time :-) Good luck to you.
All the NJ state school report cards are on under resources. The report is issued by the state of NJ so it should be unbias. Good luck to you.
RealtyTrac information is based on missed mortgage payments. In NJ (unlike other states) a person can default for two years before being actually forclosed on. So the information is correct but the homes are not actually for sale or even in the process of being listed. Its not really good informa...
Unfortunately a verbal offer is not binding in NJ when it comes to real estate, and, even if you had a written offer a seller can change their mind and accept another offer during the review period while "technically" you are not under contract. A house is not under contract until after attorney ...
The seller's agent is obligated to present ANY offer to the seller up to the day of closing. It's NJ real estate law. She cannot refuse even if there are better offers on the table or even under contract. Your agent is correct to ask for a written rejection. I ALWAYS make my sellers sign the cont...
from report By Brian Faler Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. House may vote as soon as today on a $45 billion plan to expand a tax credit for first- time homebuyers, extend jobless benefits and provide tax refunds to money-losing companies. The measure won Senate approval yesterday on ...
Start your search on the internet. Get a good feel for different neighborhoods, school districts, shopping areas etc. then search for homes available in your price range and flip through pictures etc.  Drive around and do open houses too!  A great place to search for NJ properties and collect dat...
At we work with you as a real estate resource. We send you agents from 3 competing brands to interview with you and compete for your business. Once you select an agent we assign you a personal transaction assistant to guide you through the challeges of selling ...
Which is best is different for different people. You can search the state school report cards from the resource center at Good luck to you.

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