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Find Grantsville UT Starter Homes For those of you trying to find Grantsville UT starter homes from $140,000 to $190,000 this was a good week for you. As far as listings that is. With housing inventory being as scarce as it is, any time 4 or 5 houses hit the Tooele County market in the same week ...
Price Your Tooele Home Like a Pro   It's important to price your Tooele home like a pro. Establishing the right price to list your Tooele UT home is a tough job, even for an experienced real estate agent. Pricing a home so that a home seller gets the most money in a reasonable amount of time is t...
Looking For Homes For Sale in Grantsville UT   Grantsville Utah is a city within the Tooele County region of the state. If you're looking for homes for sale in Grantsville UT you are probably looking @ homes with larger lots, maybe with animal rights, so that you can walk out the back door and 's...
Looking at Homes For Sale in Tooele County   Looking at homes for sale in Tooele County? If you plan to spend the weekend looking at builder model homes, or cruising selected neighborhoods in Tooele County looking at homes for sale, it’s a good idea to have as much information as possible. Let’s ...
Tooele County Housing Inventory Improves For the last couple of months you have been hearing that if the Tooele County housing inventory would improve, business would be booming. Well I pulled up some new listings  from the MLS this morning and things are looking up.  There were almost 30 homes o...
Singles Buying Houses in Tooele UT Over the last year I have noticed that a lot of singles are buying houses in Tooele UT. At first I thought it was economic, that on one paycheck the sole owner making the payment had to make sure to get the best value possible. Then I thought that maybe the attr...
New Homes in Tooele County Building new homes in Tooele County means a lot of positive things for our community. Buying or selling your house? You need to read this! The benefits of new construction in most cases is obvious. Among those are: Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs Increases Tax base Impact Fee...
Tooele County Most Affordable Homes in Utah It's official, Tooele County has the most affordable homes in the Utah. According to Tim Gillie reporting for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin, two cities in Tooele made the list for the 'top 10 most affordable cities in Utah'. The story simply reinforces...
Last Weeks Real Estate News Last weeks real estate news from my KCM account had some very interesting posts. I shared them on Facebook w/ my friends looking for info on my website for tips on buying or selling homes in Tooele UT. Most of the stats are national in nature, but can be translated to ...
American Dream is a Tooele Home   To many of us, the American Dream is a Tooele home with Tooele neighbors for our kids (grandkids) and their dogs. It's owning your own home in an area that furnishes you and your family the lifestyle you have always dreamed about. Those dreams can be and mostly a...

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