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The pictures you see below are a glimpse of the occupied staging project we did for homeowners Rich and Janet, we will be adding more photos of their gorgeous home soon with detail information about the property. Just know this house is for sale and it sits on beautiful property over looking Lake...
  Have you ever considered mother nature as your decorating resource? If not, why not? It's a great resource rather you are Staging, Home Redesign or Decorating your space. When you walk into a room does your eye draw to one side of the room? Most people really don't have a problem with color but...
I had a wonderful opportunity to help Little Cuddle Bugs owners Annie and Laura pull their store together.  I had so much fun working in this store. I spent time picking out paint colors and deciding on the style of the paint to display fun and creative stripes and polka-dots. Thanks too Annie fo...
  The cool evenings of October and the divine color of mother nature, we live in a world so beautiful. An outdoor fireplace makes it comfortable to sit outside on cool fall evenings. Can you imagine entertaining in this space, creating memories, laughing and sharing stories with your family and f...
 Now we all like color but have you really thought about how it works with your personality and how your name associates with your color? I found this quiz and information on House Beautiful and wanted to share with all of you. I have to say, I took this quiz and it fit me to the T. What's in a n...
These amazing photos were taken by the talented Nicole Rogers. These are just a few pictures from yesterday. Check out Nicole's website for a display of beautiful pictures of all of her work. Not only did Nicole take pictures, she put her camera down and picked up a hammer and joined the rest of ...
We are so excited to be apart of the Habitat for Humanity of Gaston County's Women Build this year. Giving back to the community and together we can make a difference. If you would like to be one of the women on the front lines or for anyone who would like to make a donation please visit their l...
When we are Staging or doing a Redesign project for our clients these are some helpful tips we have used when working with artificial plants.   You have to love Downy, not only does it smell good but it's great for so many other things than doing laundry. We have shared the painting tip with usin...
  Kravet Fabrics has also teamed with the bubbly interior guru for a fabric collection that is described as “warm, intelligent and charmingly irreverent.” Candice Olson’s inspiration comes from a fresh take on traditional inspiration with modern interpretation. The fabrics are meant create stylis...
Thinking of the psychology of color and choosing color is a personal experience for us all. I started to research the psychology of color and came across this wonderful website. Perhaps many of you are contemplating new decorating and painting projects and perhaps aren't aware of the impact that ...

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