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Find out why the Temecula Valley is such a great place to live. Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs are all less than an hour and a half away. Check out our amazing Balloon & Wine Festival and our world-class wine country. Contact Tom Plant at (951) 907-9701, & on the web at
I visited with Temecula Mayor Maryann Edwards yesterday. Unless you've been locked away somewhere, you know that swine flu is the hot button topic. She promised me an update from the Riverside County Office of Emergency Services, and I'm sharing it with you:   County of Riverside / Riverside Cou...
image courtesy of photobucket   Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not implying that one is better than the other. Rather, I believe blogs can complement twitter  and vice versa. One of my favorite people on activerain, Gary Woltal, wrote a post about twitter on March 7th - Why You Won't Find This Co...
Thirty nine years ago today, the very first Earth Day was celebrated. I realize that some reading this weren't even born thirty nine years ago. Nearly 20,000,000 Americans participated with the primary goal being to create a sustainable environment. Nearly forty years later, Earth Day has become...
Laura and I attend the Center For Spiritual Living in Temecula. Yesterday, 17 year old Jake Matthews shared a video with us about the Malawi School Project and told us he will be traveling there this summer to help build schools. The group made their first visit to Malawi in 2007 with the intent...
The Temecula Valley Wine Country is growing. The chateau above is the Churon Winery on Rancho California Road. I've had a couple of  interesting experiences over the past few weeks I thought I'd share with you. The other afternoon we were at Keyways Winery. There was a woman sitting next to us w...
One of the many reasons I love living where I do is its proximity to so many wonderful places. Easter Sunday, Laura and I took off for Lake Arrowhead and in less than an hour and a half we were there. There's a different feel to being in the mountains. The air is crisper. The trees are taller. E...
  I want you to try something. Do a Google search on "Jason O'Neill". Pick your jaw up off the floor - yes, he's thirteen. I visited with Jason and his mom this afternoon at Starbucks. He is one amazing kid. I found Jason on twitter. You may know I was on the fence for quite some time about the ...
I first met Rosie Boorman last year at The Wine Company. She and her associate Val were pouring samples of wine from their winery in La Cresta, an area adjacent to the Santa Rosa Plateau. I saw Rosie and Val again a few weeks ago at Francesca's where they were holding a wine blending party. Gues...
What would I do without my dear active rain pals? Don't get me started! Pat Kennedy tagged me with this recently. Stay tuned to see who the next victims are. 1. Type out all the questions below and answer each with a picture. 2. Tag 5 people and spread the love out. It's that simple.  1. Age at m...
The baseball season must surely be upon us. Spring training is drawing to a close. Across the country, fans are gearing up for opening day. Teams, both minor and major league are getting ready to welcome the crowds. What sorts of promotions can you expect to see this year? Well, In Lake Elsinore,...

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