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I’ll Be Home For Christmas’s the Christmas season, and many radio stations have already begun playing Christmas music...well before the usual starting date of the day after Thanksgiving. While I hate the thought of everyone rushing the holiday season in an effort to enhance sales, and mon...
Just Let God Sort It Out! I spend a great deal of time reflecting back over my life. Being a real estate agent, we spend a great deal of time in our cars driving about. I like to listen to books on tape during those endless hours behind the wheel. It’s a way to productively make use of what could...
Blood Runs in the Sand as the World Sleeps Each day brings news of another atrocity at the hands of ISIL…or ISIS…or whatever acronym you wish to call them. Just the other day, it was reported that these murderers killed 15 Syrian Kurds on the Turkish border-7 of these victims were children. Accor...
There Is No God At least, that is what Stephen Hawking recently declared. The renowned astrophysicist gave an interview a few months ago in which he stated that there is no God. He continued that miracles stemming from religious beliefs are “not compatible with science.” "In my opinion, there is ...
So…What Do We Do With the Nurse Who Won’t Stay in Quarantine? By now, all of you have heard about nurse Kaci Hickox’s refusal to abide by a state imposed 21-day quarantine upon her return from West Africa after helping to fight Ebola. Hickox was quoted as saying, “I am not going to sit around and...
Are You Planning on Shopping on Thanksgiving Day? We are working our way towards Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you know what that means? The American pastime of SHOPPING will be in full force. I am starting to hear various retailers advertise that they will open on Thanksgiving. As a society, w...
 Middleclass Fear I don’t know about you, but I am nervous about the future. Most of all, I am nervous for my children and my grandchildren. I never thought about it too much twenty years ago. Back in the prime of my life, I always thought tomorrow would automatically be better than today. Now th...
We Should Call Adoption Something Else I was on a listing appointment last night and the topic of adoption came up. The couple whose home I was listing picked me as their agent because of my online profile. In my profile, I mention that that my wife and I are adoptive parents, and that I have ser...
What Do You Say? What Do You Do? God gave me a gentle reminder last night that being a real estate agent isn’t all about buying and selling homes…the number bedrooms or bathrooms a place has…the list price versus selling price. We are all in and out of so many houses throughout our careers that w...
God Isn’t Finished With Me Yet How many times throughout any given day do we get frustrated with a loved one, a co-worker…even a passerby on the street? They say, or do something which is not up to our standards; and we get upset with them.  Sometimes that frustration becomes so severe; we may ev...

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