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 Life is really hard. I tell my children all the time that life is God’s teachable moment with us. I am soon to be a 67-year old man, and you would think that by now I would have things sorted out. Perhaps I am a very slow learner, but when I look around…I am surrounded by other slow learners.Eac...
I wrote the following post several years ago to honor two of my wife's uncles. With this post, I would like to thank my wife's nieces and newphew who bravely made careers in the Navy...and to all the brave men and women who continue to put their lives on the line so that we can live in freedom. O...
 I Wish My Words Were MagicalDon’t you just love all those movies and television shows where one of the main characters is headed down the wrong path and another main character sees what is going on and has a heart-to-heart conversation with that person; and the character headed down the wrong pa...
My wife and I absolutely love this stage of our lives. Ah, the joys of being grandparents! We have a total of six grandkids, but we only have one we get to see on a regular basis. We see our grandson, William, 3-4 times a week. Being a part of his life, and getting an opportunity to watch him gro...
Back in 1983, my wife and I were watching a television news program on Sunday morning, waiting for our two boys to get ready for church. Little did we know that 15 minutes in front of the television would change our lives forever. The news program dealt with the growing number of children made or...
Nothing Left UnsaidMy wife and I were watching television Saturday night and it had gotten to be around 10:00 when she mentioned that she had recorded an interview Anderson Cooper had done with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. The title of the show was, Nothing Left Unsaid. The show was about 2 hou...
As agents, I am sure many of you have shown homes where somewhere in the house; there is a door casing marked with lines, dates, and name’s measuring the growth of the children living there. I have even had sellers want to take the board with them when they moved…considering this growth chart mor...
Piece By PieceThe headline for this post comes from a song written and sung by Kelly Clarkson. I first heard the song, Piece By Piece, just a few weeks ago on American Idol. The song is an autobiographical look back on her childhood and the abandonment by her father when Kelly was 6-years old. Th...
Baseball season is right around the corner. Cleveland Indian's spring training games began being broadcast on the radio this week enough though we are experiencing snow flurries here in Ohio. If you are an Indian's sports fan, you can't think of the Tribe without also thinking of one of baseball'...
The other night my niece posted the following on her Face Book page. It is about her husband, Ross, a former Cleveland area policeman. It is a letter from a woman whose life Ross saved.I read in disbelief of the heroism, having never heard any of this before. It hit me on several levels. First, i...

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