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 My wife’s cousin posted this picture and story to his Face Book page, and the picture took my breath away. I have a smidgen of artistic ability…just enough to appreciate a real artist’s efforts…but not enough to actually have someone want, or buy my work.Great art is more than just a representat...
Whether you think you can… The headline for today’s post is borrowed from Henry Ford. The complete quote is, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you are right.” Those of you who pump tons of positive thoughts in your head in an effort to excel in your personal life or your professional...
I heard on the radio this morning that Sunday will be the 45th anniversary since the United States landed on the moon. I remember watching it on television with my then girlfriend, and now wife of 44 years. We sat in her living room with her mother and father and watched the grainy images of Neil...
Being the Best You Can Be Back in April of this year, I wrote a post about my nephew, Zach, entitled, “Working To Be Exceptional”. In the post, I chronicled his efforts and hard work in pursuing his dream to become an Olympic skier. My niece, Tina, saw him off at the airport the other day. At 16...
Our Country Needs a Hero Dr. Phil, when trying to arbitrate between two angry parties on his television show; always says the above. Every problem needs a hero. This usually comes about half way through a program, as both sides drone on continuously about how the other side is wrong, doesn’t unde...

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