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Making Memories of Us For those of you who are Keith Urban fans, you will recognize the title of this blog comes from a  song written by Rodney Crowell, and preformed by Mr. Urban. I was watching the grand finale of the ABC television show The Bachelor several weeks ago when Sean Lowe proposed ma...
Paying It Forward Often times we think in terms of having to do things on a grand scale to make an impact in the world…but really it is the exact opposite.  Sometimes it is small, little things which can make a significant impact in another’s life. Let me tell you of one such event. Samantha Ford...
Outrage in an Ohio Courtroom Perhaps many of you have seen or heard the antics of a cold-blooded murderer in a Chardon courtroom yesterday. A high school student, who pled guilty to killing 3 fellow Chardon High School students and wounding 3 more students; was sentenced to 3 life terms without t...
What  obligation do we have towards the poor? The other day I wrote a blog regarding the media’s fascination with the new Pope’s acts of humility. It just seems there has been a media firestorm about all the little symbolic gestures of Pope Francis to set a new tone for the Catholic faithful, per...
Humility Much has been made over the new Pope’s humility. We have been given details in the media on how the new Pope went and picked up his own bags, and paid his hotel bill after being elected Pope. We have heard how he took the bus with the Cardinals who elected him, rather than ride in a limo...
We Have Officially Arrived at the Slippery Slope In my local newspaper yesterday morning, I came across the following headline on the bottom of the front page entitled, “Your chances of dying by 2023? Test offers a clue.” This story came off the AP wire service, written by Lindsay Tanner. On the ...
I don’t know how many of you watched CBS’s 60 Minutes  this past Sunday, but they had on a segment  entitled, The Life and Death of Clay Hunt. I have supplied you the link, please take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch this… (Sorry, you ...
My son several months ago made a comment about someone, and I came back with that I thought it was an unfair comment to make. My son shot back, “You know, you are always looking for the good in other people…so much so that it blinds you to what that person is really like!” I thought for a moment,...

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