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A decade ago I was at the lowest point in my life. I was in my mid-fifties, and I was just bone-tired. Life had not worked out as I had envisioned. My wife had just battled through breast cancer. Her illness taught the hard lesson that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. It’s pretty scary learning th...
A Wonderful, Caring Story There is a tremendous amount of turmoil going on in our schools right now. These mass shootings have left everyone on edge. School administrators and teachers are in the newspaper, what seems like every day; being criticized for over-reacting to a situation…or not reacti...
The Doctor Who Helped to Mend a Broken Heart The following story caught my attention on the Internet yesterday, and I just had to share it with you. Perhaps, you saw it too… A man, whose mother had recently passed away from breast cancer, posted on the Internet a handwritten letter from an emerge...
The Power of Unconditional Love For the past several weeks, I have been off on a tangent…writing about the power of love. I pointed out individuals, who in my opinion demonstrated to us all the power that comes by offering another love. I wrote about the courage of these individuals, and what fin...
The power of love... The last several weeks I have devoted my time to sharing stories of some real American heroes; whom through their actions, have helped to make our country…and the world a better place. These better angels, as I refer to them, chose love over hatred. They chose love, over indi...
Turning Away from Light and Choosing Darkness I have spent the last several days pointing out the exploits of some real American heroes. People who, when presented with the choice of lifting up another human being, did so willingly…without any expectation of reward. They made a choice to choose g...

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