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Part Two: Angus T Jones…Honoring God Comes With a Big Price Tag. In my blog yesterday, I spoke of our need to be true to God…that our lives can’t be broken down into bits and pieces. We can’t be vulgar and crude, or mean and uncaring in one part of our life-and then be kind and concerned, righteo...
Does Your Life Bring Honor to God? We are heading into the holiday season, and this is as good a time as any to take an accounting of our lives. We humans THINK we are an independent lot. Yet, most of us are “pleasers”. We WANT people to like us, and many times…in an attempt to please, we become ...
Rid Your Life of the Debbie Downers Life is hard. This world can be a cold, cruel place. It is easy to become down on yourself…to become discouraged. Especially in the business we are in. Being a real estate agent is not an easy career path. It is not for the faint hearted.  Add to all the stress...
Black Friday Well…it’s coming. It is just a few days away! We have all become accustomed to Black Friday. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving…the day we begin our holiday shopping. This year, because of the throng of bargain hunters; many stores are now open on Thanksgiving Day. Many stores have e...
What I Would Do If I Hit the Lottery Have you ever given any thought to what you would do if you hit the lottery? Boy, I know I sure do! I think about it all the time…but then I rarely buy a ticket. I guess if you are ever going to hit the jackpot, you must first spend a buck to buy a ticket. My ...
General David Petraeus: Another Tragedy of War I am a political junkie. I just never seem to get my fix. I watch and read everything before me when it comes to politics. Reading the papers and the Internet, and watching television, or listening to the radio in my car this past week has been so sa...
My Guy Didn’t Win Over the coming days, weeks, and months much will be written as to why Mitt Romney didn’t win Tuesday’s election, and why President Obama was elected for a second term. I must confess, I am deeply saddened and disappointed…as I am sure everyone else who voted for him is as well....

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