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Our National Debt-A Case Study in Stupidity I don’t know…maybe, because of my age, I am turning into a grumpy old man. If you asked my wife, she would tell you that I have, indeed, become a grumpy old man. It just seems that each day I read a headline on Yahoo that just drives me over the edge! H...
Is Anyone Else Getting Fed Up? I just read on the Internet that a college university was being sued over their pregame prayer ritual prior its football games. It seems that some anti-religious group feels the practice should be discontinued on the principle of “separation of church and state.” Th...
Remembering 9/11 Today’s is our generation’s Pearl Harbor. Just at December 7, 1941, was our parent’s “Day of Infamy”…today is such a day for us. We shall always remember what we were doing that day…where we were. I remember being in my office, sitting down, doing paperwork; when the news came ov...
Mother Found Guilty of Murder Last week, I walked out of the house to get the morning paper, and as I opened it; my eyes went directly to a picture of a mother sobbing and holding her head in her hands. As I looked closer at the picture, I could see that around her wrists were handcuffs. The pict...
I am looking to rent my timeshare on Hilton Head Island. The check-in date is: December 28, 2012, and the check-out date is January 4, 2013. The timeshare is s beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo located at Marriott Surf Watch. This time share normally rents for $400-$500 a night. I am looking to r...
Our Spiritual Journey I grew up in a small town in Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. In fact It was so small, I remember the celebration as the population grew above 5,000 and we officially went from “town” to “city”. I attended Sunday school as a youngster, and our family attended services on a r...

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