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Thank you to those of you who have been reading my postings regarding "my book" to my children. I decided to share this, not because I have all the answers. I wrote it to to encourage you to write your own book to those you love. Put down on paper a road map for your children to follow. As I said...
A continuation of my book to my children. This portion deals with the love I have for their mother... I have two wishes for all of you. First, I want you to know the true meaning of life. Second, I want you all to have someone in your life you don't want to live without. I wrote the following to ...
In conjunction with yesterday's blog about understanding that each of us will make mistakes, today's blog follows up must fix what you break. Again, this was part of a book I wrote to my children about those things I thought were important to lead a successful life...     In Matthew 24...
SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL MAK E YOU A BETTER PERSON. This is a continuation of my book to my children about my faith, and those things that would help them to live a better life. Below is a portion of of a chapter I wrote about having good, quality people in their lives. I hope you e...
In my "book" to my children, I talked about my faith...but I also talked about some character traits I thought were important. Below is a chapter, in which I discussed staying humble...           This is another favorite Bible passage of mine, it is from Luke 14:7...Then when Jesus noticed how th...
Here is another passage from my book to my children. This deals with a trip that my wife, Stephanie, and I took to Rome a couple of years ago, and an unplanned trip to Mamertine Prison.         Therefore, it seems ironic that the one thing I would remember more than anything of our trip to Italy ...
We are in the Lenten season, and Easter is right around the corner. I thought I might take a minute and share the following with those of you who might find this of interest. Several years ago, I wrote a "book" to my children, and in my book, I shared things I thought were important in order to l...

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