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Buyers often ask me "Can I put in a really low offer on this house?"  The short, simple answer to that is that anyone can offer whatever they wish on a property.  What really matters is if the offer will be looked at...and even considered.  A few times I've had clients who really, really liked a ...
{EAV_BLOG_VER:3358b4ca48c3a631} The TucsonKent Group proudly welcomes Emmary Nicholson, aka "The Gadsden Girl" to our team!  She brings us a broad scope of skills (her Facebook & Twitter networks are of an amazing caliber), a great "can-do" attitude and fresh perspective as a new Tucson resident....
Yep - the announcement is true:  I'm opening an office right in the heart of Downtown Tucson.  Tierra Downtown is a going to be a branch office of Tierra Antigua Realty...and the TucsonKent Group is one of the founding partners! We're located in the historic Pioneer Hotel Building (could be haunt...
Downtown Tucson has quite a few murals adding a little spice to the walls and construction sites in the area.  How often do you get to watch the artists at work? Often it seems that these works spring up "overnight" or perhaps we get so used to seeing the same old monolithic walls on buildings or...
This photo is of Sombrero Peak, which is a landmark to help point out where Continental Ranch is in Tucson.  It is on the northern end of the Tucson Mountains - and stands out visible for miles and miles.  If anyone needs to know where the community of Continental Ranch is, you can simply point o...
Is everyone an idiot?  How about me?  You?  Are you just about ready to strangle the next moron who asks you the same stupid question as the last guy?  How about just plain being fed up with those other agents who are so unprofessional that they shouldn't be allowed to breathe the same air as you...
If you live in the Starr Pass Residences of Tucson, you know one of the perks of owning a home here is a great setting for spectacular sunsets.  Located on the west side of the metro, cradled by hills studded with saguaros, the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort anchors this community of single family...
There is so much focus on how foreclosure affects people and communities, we often forget those who can't speak for themselves - our pets. Thanks to Emmary Nicholson in Las Cruces, New Mexico for finding a good resource to help with our *other loved ones* who are just as important in our lives.  ...
Hopefully these are the first photos posted from RainCamp Prescott - Mike Jones & I met up about 4 AM today for the easy drive up to northern Arizona together. As we pulled into Prescott, we spied quite a few intriguing photo opportunities - and took a short detour to take advantage of them.  I'l...
If you're considering doing a short sale...PLEASE DON'T GET SUCKERED by the loudest huckster - they're probably lying through their teeth. Short sales are a serious matter, and should be handled by someone who is experienced, trustworthy and can back it up.  I am not someone who lists short sales...

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