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Small Business Owners Commercial Real Estate Blog keeps you, the business owner, in sync with the latest local trends in your local commercial market. Our Brokers experience the local real estate environment daily. This is their opportunity to stay connected with you!
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 National Association of Women Business Owners Article: "The temporary 7(a) loan size standard will parallel the standard for the agency's 504 Certified Development Company loan, and will allow businesses to qualify based on net worth and average income. The net ...
Good commercial real estate agents are hard to come by.  And a referral is a great start.  But, the business owner looking for commercial real estate agent needs to take the next step and define a set of criteria that will help in laying the foundation for a constructive working relationship.  Th...
A commercial real estate assessment can consist of a commercial tenant lease review and a commercial market analysis. The commercial tenant lease review is a review of the business terms of your commercial tenant lease. It looks for the inconsistencies between lease payments and actual charges. I...
The Business section of the Chicago Tribune yesterday printed on its front page "Big Plans for SBA funds". That is great news to the entrepreneurial business owner. Not only that, a few days ago, the director of business development at Union National Bank sent me an eblast whereby SBA reduced fee...
If you were a Commercial Real Estate buyer, what kind of discount would you expect If you were a Commercial RE buyer, what kind of discount would you expect on the link and let us know Labels: Chicago, Commercial Real Estate, Distressed Buildings, Forec...
Lithuanians commemorate spring, not only as a time of renewal, but also a time for reflection on its tumultous path to independence. Preschool Children at the Suburban Lithuanian Montessori School „Žiburėlis" in Lemont, IL, and their teachers experienced a day of reflection in February supported ...
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I just read in the Business Ledger that business owners who lease or buy commercial property can leverage the economy to improve their #1 expense line item after payroll. The bottom line is that the tenant or buyer has an advantage given the turmoil the landlord/seller is experiencing. Landlords ...
In 1983, the Suburban Lithuanian Montessori (SLM), also known as „Žiburėlis", began operating as a not-for-profit institution. Established strictly for educational purposes, the Lithuanian Montessori immerses its students in the Lithuanian language and traditions while following the guidelines of...

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